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Chlorine dioxide has a long and established history in the food industry, being safely used for more than 70 years to disinfect much of the nation's food and water supply, and is also used at more than 900 water treatment facilities around the world everyday.


Now more than ever, chlorine dioxide is being widely recognized for the properties that make it a high-quality, low cost alternative to other disinfection methods. Our gaseous CD is gentle on materials and is the safest and most effective way to decontaminate your processing and filling lines, holding tanks, and equipment and rooms.


The recently enacted Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires food suppliers, harvesters, food facilities, etc... to take action in preventing food contamination rather than just simply to responding to issues when they occur.


Laurinex Cleaning with ClorDiSys' Technology is at the forefront of this contamination prevention movement providing chlorine dioxide based decontamination products and services to preserve product integrity and maintain FSMA compliance. Recently, ClorDiSys has also been approved by the FDA for antimicrobial fruit and vegetable rinses in both the gaseous (Food Food Contact Notice 1421) and liquid (Food Contact Notice 1400) states.

Our chlorine dioxide gas is registered with US Environmental Protection Agency as a sterilant and is able to inactivate all forms of antimicrobial life, including spores. We are also experienced and effective at remediating and removing E. coli, Listeria monocytogenes, and Salmonella contamination's, three of the most common and prevalent organisms affecting food quality.

Laurinex Cleaning offers both equipment and services for decontamination as part of emergency response, preventative maintenance programs or contamination control schedules, when outbreaks occur, or for new construction, renovation or decommissioning projects and is easily implemented in food processing facilities, dry facilities, Ready-to-eat (RTE) facilities as well as deli facilities.

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